: A simple, powerful way to transform your relationship or marriage

You have stopped talking ... your partner doesn't listen anyway! 

Believe it or not, this is the most common relationship problem and is the Number 1 reason couples give for seeking marriage, couples or relationship counselling.

Breakdown in communication affects every aspect of your relationship. If you can't talk, then you certainly don't want to spend time together and if don't spend time, you won't be touching or experiencing intimacy. 

Remember back to the first few years of your relationship. 

During that time, you spent quality, meaningful time together, having fun and laughing. Talk was open and honest about who you were and the experiences that made you unique. You became a team by sharing your dreams and goals and creating new shared dreams. You touched lots - holding hands, hugging and kissing which led to the ultimate emotional connection of making love.

So what went wrong? 

Life, kids, work, illness, distractions! 

Over time, you slowly stopped: 

  • spending time

  • talking;

  • being a team

  • touching each other with affection and desire. 

When one of the 4 T's fail, they all fail. We end up in a dysfunctional relationship that we didn't sign up for. 

Are you tired of being shut down, neglected or ignored? Do you try to keep it all together and make things work, but get no support? You feel that you give and give and get nothing in return? 

Do you and your partner get into repetitive, cyclical arguments that last a long time, vacillating between attack and defence and leading to unresolved issues? Do you feel exasperated, frustrated, hurt and angry in ways that activate fear of loss and erodes your self-esteem and confidence? 

It doesn't have to be like this. 

There is hope and a better way. 

We have many success stories of people on our program who have told us that they: 

  • experienced renewed clear and effective communication

  • gained strategies to help them reach a level of understanding they never thought possible

  • formed meaningful relationships

  • gained control over their life

  • gained perspective on who they are and what they want to do

  • created a better future, both personally and in their relationships

  • fell back in love with their partner

We are specialists in helping couples reconnect and transform themselves and their relationships. Our purpose is not just to resolve current issues but to share principles, strategies and tools to empower you to have your "happily every after". 

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