Birth of Metanao
How do you have a good relationship? What does it look like?
There are two possible pitfalls in different directions: (1) being rigid and saying 'this is who I am and you must just accept that and I'll never change' or (2) changing so much that we lose our own identity or expecting our partner to do so. Continuing to grow, separately and together, is a healthier path.
One of the most common searches on Google is 'How do I know if my partner is cheating on me?' How do we build trust with our partners and build a strong relationship, that's defined by love and belief, not suspicion?
We can't live 24/7 in each other's back pocket, Cassie shares her experiences on the value of having separate activities and hobbies.
16 Non-Sexual Touch
Relationships! Find out why it's good to be in one
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